All For Good

Romans 8:28a

By Pastor Craig Phelps, September 10, 2022

Introduction: Previously, Paul acknowledged that in the midst of life we are so limited that we don’t even know how to pray as we ought. But here in verse 28 Paul shares with us something that we do know, something that should encourage us and assure us, which is one of the key purposes of this chapter. This is in addition to the encouragement and assurance that we receive from the promise of future glory and even the work of the Spirit who intercedes or prays on our behalf. Let’s look together at Romans 8:28.

28a And we know that -
28b to those who love God, -
28c all things work together for good –

Discussion Questions

  1. What does Paul mean by “good”?
2. What are some things that Paul is not saying in Romans 8:28?
3. What does he mean by, “We know, moreover, that to all who love God, all things work together for good…”?
4. What are some things, good or bad, that you clearly see God used to bring you to Jesus or make you more like Him?
5. What are some things that you just don’t see how they fit into the puzzle of your life?
6. What do you know of God that should encourage you when you don’t understand?