The Heart of Peter

1 Peter 3:15

By Pastor Craig Phelps, November 12, 2022

Introduction: For a couple weeks I have been stressing the need for us as a church body and as individuals to be about the work of making disciples which starts with evangelism. We examined the heart of God for evangelism in John 3:16. We saw the heart of Paul in Romans 9:1-5 where Paul would forego his own salvation to save his lost brethren. This week I want to look at the heart of Peter.

15a But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts,

• Your sharing of the Gospel is a of the place that Christ holds in your heart.

15b and always be ready

-To be ready you must be readied or .
-To be ready you must be willing to make yourself . -We are to be ready.

15c to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason

-This does not require a be asked.

-The reason or the defense is the .
We are to , indiscriminately.

15d for the hope that is in you,

-Our hope is in the gospel and must be shared.

15e with meekness and fear;

-We are not to be obnoxious, arrogant or .

-We do not come in but in the spirit of grace that we have already received.

-We come realizing that the message we bring is a matter of life and death.

Some practical steps to sharing our faith:

1. Engage

2. Evaluate

3. Evangelize

4. Encourage

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Mt 16:17-19 show us that we should be on the offensive against the enemy?

2. From Ro 1:16 what about the Gospel should make us bold in declaring the good news?

3. How many unsaved friends do you have? How might you engage them to share the gospel?