Becoming Father Abraham

Genesis 15-22

By Pastor Craig Phelps, June 25, 2023

Introduction –This morning we will journey through the life of Abraham seeing how he grew into a man of faith, learned to lead his family and modeled faith for his son. I encourage you to listen and later reread these important chapters in Genesis 12,13,15,16 & 22. Below are some questions for you to consider on your own.

  1. Consider how Abraham left his home in obedience to God. What’s a step of faith that you have taken with God and what challenges did you have to overcome to obey?
  2. Why do you think Abraham kept moving after God showed him the land? Have you ever wandered from God’s will? Why did you do it? What were the results?
  3. Consider how Abraham lied and put Sarah in danger. Can you think of a time when your sin put your family in danger?
  4. Consider Sarah when she returned from Pharoah to Abraham. How do you think she felt (ask your wife)? What level of commitment to their marriage did she need to have in order to stay with him?
  5. Consider how Abraham allowed Sarah to lead him into the arms of Hagar. Has there been a time when you failed to lead when your wife or kids wanted to pursue something that was against God’s will? How did it all turn out? What would you do differently in hindsight?
  6. Consider the miraculous birth of Isaac. Has God ever really amazed you, doing something that only God can do? What was it and how did it strengthen your faith in Him? How has He proven Himself faithful to you?
  7. Consider God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. What’s the hardest thing God has asked of you? Did you do it? How did He prove Himself faithful, if you obeyed? How does the example of Abraham encourage you to trust Him without reservation?
  8. Consider what Isaac saw of his father when they went to sacrifice. How do your kids see you carrying out your faith beyond coming to church and praying over your meals? What can you do differently to show them faith in action so that they might see Jesus in your life and want to know Him too?