Paul's Love List (4)

Romans 12:11

By Pastor Craig Phelps, October 14, 2023

Introduction: Paul is giving us a list that describes the life surrendered to God. This list describes who we are and how we are to be as individuals and together as the body of Christ. Today we are on item #4 on his list found in the middle of Romans 12:11. In Pastor Craig’s own word-for-word translation it reads:

10a regarding brotherly love to one another - the love of a parent to a child,

10b regarding honoring each other - leading the way by example

11a regarding diligence – not sluggish (slothful)

11b regarding the spirit – boiling (fervent)

• It is whether Paul is referring to our spirit or the Holy Spirit.

• This is unimportant because our spirit and His Spirit should be as . (1 Cor 6:17,19,20)
• We have the capacity to the Spirit or the Spirit (2 Tim 1:6-7 & 1 Thes 5:19)
Application Questions:

  1. How can I stir up the spiritual gift given to me? (2 Tim 1:6-7)
    • We are to the gift given to us.

    • Exercise the to use that gift.

    • Exercise the to use that gift.

    • Exercise the to use this gift.

    • Exercise the to use this gift.
  2. How can I stir or kindle the Holy Spirit inside me or others?
    like Paul did in Ephesian 3:14-21.
    • Study to the Word of God which is always in harmony with the Spirit of God.
    • Work in with the Spirit that inspired that Word.
  3. How do we quench the Spirit?
  4. How can you fan the flames of the Spirit in the hearts and lives of others?