Paul's Love List (5)

Romans 12:11

By Pastor Craig Phelps, October 21, 2023

Introduction: In this last clause of Romans 12:11, we will look at #5 on Paul’s love list.

10a regarding brotherly love to one another - the love of a parent to a child,

10b regarding honoring each other - leading the way by example.

11a regarding diligence – not sluggish (slothful),

11b regarding the spirit – boiling,

11c regarding the Lord – serving

  • As Lord, Jesus is the One to whom we belong. He is our .
  • Unlike other lords or masters, Jesus is Lord of all (Col 1:15-18).
  • As the Lord, we are to be Him (Luke 6:46).
  • We serve Him as where He is our Master.
  • According to Romans 6:22 how is He a different kind of master than our old one?
  • “Serving” is present tense which means it is to be our state of being.
  • According to Col 3:17 what things should be done under the Lordship of Christ?

Application: Read Deuteronomy 6 and Judges 2.

  • In Deuteronomy, how, when and where were the people to observe the law and serve God?
  • How was this to impact the lives of the children?
  • In Judges a generation was lost that did not know God. How can we try to ensure that our children and others in the church have every opportunity to know God and His power?
  • How can we move beyond stories so that they can experience God in a real way?