Paul's Love List (8)

Romans 12:12c

By Pastor Craig Phelps, November 11, 2023

Introduction: Here is item #8 on Paul’s list of 10 things that describe some characteristics of who we are as Christians and how we function together as the Body of Christ. Here is a word for word translation up to this point:

10a regarding brotherly love to one another - the love of a parent to a child,

10b regarding honoring each other - leading the way by example.

11a regarding diligence – not sluggish,

11b regarding the spirit – boiling,

11c regarding the Lord – serving,

12a regarding hope – rejoicing,

12b regarding affliction – enduring,

And now…

12c regarding prayer – continual devotion

• Prayer:

• Continual Devotion:


  1. Apostles Teaching
  • This is the as we now know it.
  • We must know it and it.
  1. Fellowship
  • What did they do together as a community or church?

  • What personal things were sacrificed for the good of everyone and even individuals?

  • How would you describe the importance of gathering together inside and outside of church to a new believer who may not see the importance?

  1. Prayer
  • In Acts 4:23-31, what did they pray for and what was God’s reply?

Application Questions:

  • We were created to live in harmony with God and each other. How do prayer, fellowship and the Word help us to achieve this?

  • What happens if you are not devoted to each of these things?