Paul's Love List (9-10)

Romans 12:13

By Pastor Craig Phelps, November 18, 2023

Introduction: In verse 13 we arrive at the final two items on Paul’s list of ten things that should describe us as individual believers and collectively as a church. This is my word for word translation of the entire list:

10a regarding brotherly love to one another - the love of a parent to a child, 10b regarding honoring each other - leading the way by example. 11a regarding diligence – not sluggish, 11b regarding the spirit – boiling, 11c regarding the Lord – serving, 12a regarding hope – rejoicing, 12b regarding affliction – enduring, 12c regarding prayer – continual devotion, 13a regarding the needs of the saints – sharing, 13b regarding hospitality – pursuing.

13a regarding the needs of the saints – sharing,

  • Saints -

  • Needs -

  • Sharing -

  • How do we meet the needs of the saints here at Gorman?

  • How does our budget show those needs?

13b regarding hospitality – pursuing

  • Hospitality - the love of .

  • Pursuing -

  • How can we show hospitality inside and outside the church?

  • How does our budget show our desire to love these strangers?

Prayer – before God in prayer, assess your support of His church financially. Consider the needs of the church and the mission that we have before us. Before God, take a step of faith to set your priorities to be in line with His will and His faithfulness.