Fatal Error: Image Corrupted!

Genesis 3

By Pastor Craig Phelps, January 06, 2024

Introduction – In the image of the triune God, we were created to live in unity and harmony with each other and with God, according to our God-given purpose and position in life. Today we will see what happened to disrupt the unity that was had in the Garden.

• What were the positions and purposes of Adam and Eve regarding each other and God?

(Gen 3:1)

• How is the serpent acting contrary to his position?

(Gen 3:2-3)

• If we are going to live in unity and harmony with God and each other, we need the truth, the truth and but the truth.

(Gen 3:4)

• Everything fell apart because of a lie that was .

• There is no unity without and and you cannot act in harmony with your position and purpose if you don’t know what the truth really is.

(Gen 3:6a)

• Good for food = lust of the .

• Pleasant to the eyes = lust of the .

• Make her wise = the pride of .

• Eve acted contrary to God seeking a higher than God intended for her and not obeying His Word.

(Gen 3:6b)

• Eve acted contrary to Adam, him instead of helping him.

• Adam acted contrary to God, following the of his wife rather than the Word of God

(Gen 3:7-13)

• Their unity with each other and God is now .

• They are now of God and before each other.

Conclusion: This story is much deeper than eating forbidden fruit. So many things happened that were not conducive to unity and harmony. We typically define sin as doing something that God prohibits which is true but this passage shows us that,

Sin is anything that we do that is contrary to the unity and harmony we are to share with God and each other, according to our God given purpose and position and as defined by the truth of God’s Word.

Perhaps that definition might help you find clarity or even understanding when your direction is not so obvious. Now you know what we have lost and what we are seeking to regain.