Genesis 3:14-24

By Pastor Craig Phelps, January 13, 2024

Introduction – Mankind was created in the image of God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are 3 distinct persons who share the same divine essence and together exist in perfect unity and harmony with one another. In this image, Adam and Eve though separate and distinct, shared the same human nature and before sin also had perfect unity with God and each other but each of them acted contrary to their purpose and position. Eve listened to the devil and tempted her husband to do the same. Adam listened to his wife rather than God. The result was that their unity with God and each other was lost. Today we will see how, as a consequence, their position and purpose has been corrupted or cursed.

1. God addresses the serpent (Gen 3:14-15)

• With this curse ensues the between good and evil.
• In the midst of the curse there is a future .
• A future from the lineage of Eve will battle Satan and win.

2. God addresses Eve (Gen 3:16)

• How was Eve’s position and purpose cursed?

3. God addresses Adam (Gen 3:17-20)

• How was Adam’s position and purpose cursed?

4. God removes them from the Garden (Gen 3:21-24)

• The coverings that Adam and Eve made were not .
• A proper covering of their shame required the shedding of .
• Why did God need to prevent them from eating from the tree of life?