From the Garden to the Flood

Genesis 4-6

By Pastor Craig Phelps, January 20, 2024

Introduction – In each period of biblical history God is showing us something different, teaching us what our problem is, what won’t fix the problem and ultimately showing us what will fix it. Today, I want to look at the period from Cain and Abel up to Noah and the flood and see what God teaches us.

Gen 4:2-16

  • Why was Abel’s offering accepted and Cain’s rejected?

    • Some say it was the of sacrifice. It needed to be .
    • Other says it was the of the sacrifice. It needed to be first and best.
    • Heb 11:4 says the of Abel made the difference.
  • How did Cain act contrary to his position and purpose before God and his brother?

    • 1 John 3:11 says Cain’s works were evil. He was of the .
    • The wicked want God to accept them on their own terms rather than His terms and that is the very of faith in God and it simply will not work.
    • Rather than turn to God in faith and repentance, he from the Lord.
    • Rather than his brother, he kills his brother.
Gen 6 :5-9
  • In the flood God is showing us what save us from our sins.
  • God chose Noah because of His (Gen 6:9).
  • The only One who can save us is the One who need to be saved.

In this period of history, we learn how quickly and completely sin has taken over man. Unity is lost. No one acts in perfect harmony with their position and purpose. We also learn that by the grace of God, faith in God is sufficient to see us through until this promised Savior comes which did not occur in the flood.