The Heart of the Problem

Genesis 11,12, Exodus 1-18

By Pastor Craig Phelps, January 27, 2024

Introduction – We are looking at how the plan of God has unfolded through history. We are seeing how God prepared us for the coming of Jesus, how He revealed to us our need, how our lost unity will be restored? Last week we learned it was going to take something more than flood waters to fix things. Now we continue…

Genesis 11:1-9

  • What was the problem with the unity the people of Babel shared?

  • God divided them because their unity was not in harmony with their God-given and and they lacked with God.

Next (from Genesis 12 onward), God is going to show us more than just a person like Noah walking with God but leading a nation of people.

Genesis 12:1-3

  • God is to play a direct and active part in the life of Abram and the nation that God will make him into.
  • Through Abraham the nation of is born.

Exodus 1-18

What does God reveal to Israel and other nations through the Exodus from Egypt?

  • He is the (Ex 6:7, 7:5)
  • He is the (Ex 6:6)

Did God revealing Himself and His saving power restore what was lost in the garden?

According to Psalm 95, the problem was of the .

How was Babel reversed at Pentecost in Acts 2?