Unwrapping Christmas #4

Hope for All who Believe

By Dr. Will McRaney , December 25, 2022

“Unwrapping Christmas: Hope for All who Believe” Island Church - Dr. Will McRaney

Biblical Passages: Luke 1:39-45, Luke 2:25-32, Luke 2:36-38

Introduction ● 6 WWII

● Modern Christmas

Too Many… Low Hope to NO Hope and State of Hope

Where is Hope?

Place or Person of Hope?

Biblical Examples of Hope well place… ● - Luke 1:39-45

- Luke 2:25-32

- Luke 2:36-38

What does it mean to HOPE in Christ:

  1. We must Jesus for who He is.
  2. We must personally Christ as God’s salvation.
  3. We must live out an faith.