Focus Determines Freedom or Fear

Philippians 4:4—14

By Kelly Mahoney, March 05, 2023

Freedom from anxiety is aided by a focus on:

  1. God.
  1. to God.
3) godly things.
4) the truth modeled by godly people.

Applying God's Word to Life

  1. Describe what it was like to be afraid of the dark? What did you imagine coming out of the dark to harm you? Why? How realistic was that fear?

  2. What are some examples of things that our capture our minds, stir up our emotions, and cause us to have serious anxiety or fear?

  3. How do people respond when fear and anxiety have taken hold of them?

  4. What are some the things that have helped you to still your fears and anxieties? Any specific examples or practices you can give?

  5. How can praise and prayer help? Why?

  6. When have you been fixated on researching something to the point that you could not see the matter any other way than how you envisioned it?

  7. What are some of the fearful things you’ve become aware of because of books, movies, and the internet? What would be on your list of fears if you excluded all that you learned through those sources of information?

  8. Who has “blazed the trail” showing you the road ahead can be traveled?

  9. What specific anxiety or fear do you most need God’s help to relieve?

  10. Of the four ways of coping with anxiety, which is your greatest need now?


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