ORIGINS: The Book of Genesis

No. 36 | COVENANT—Abraham, pt. 7

By Danny Capon, November 05, 2023

The Beginning and Meaning of Everything that Matters


Genesis 12:1-25:11 | Abraham

  • 12:1-9 God establishes a relationship with Abram
  • 12:10-13:1 Abram reasons unfaithfully in going down to Egypt
  • 13:2-18 Abram reasons humbly in deferring to Lot
  • 14:1-24 Abram defeats his enemies with the help of God
  • 15:1-21 Abram grapples with the fulfillment of God’s word to him
  • 16:1-16 Abram, Sarai and Hagar see poorly and act wrongly
  • 17:1-27 Abram responds to God and does what He says

Covenant—Abraham, pt. 7 Genesis 17:1-27


  1. Gen. 17:1-21 God specifies the responsibilities related to His covenant with Abram
  • Gen. 17:1-8 God: “As for me…” (v. 4)
  • Gen. 17:9-14 God: “As for you (Abraham)…” (v. 9)
  • Gen. 17:15-21 God: “As for Sarai…” (v. 15)
  1. Gen. 17:22-27 Abraham responds by doing what God says

What’s going on in chapter seventeen?

  1. The Timing:
  1. The Scenario:
  1. The Conversation:
  • Does a unilateral covenant entail any responsibilities on the part of the recipient?
  • Is a unilateral covenant, once offered, automatically enacted, or must it be received by the recipient?

God specifies the responsibilities related to His covenant with Abraham, and Abraham responds by doing what He says.

Genesis 17:1-21

Genesis 17:22-27

The Covenant Relationship…

  • is based on who is and what He has
  • establishes a between God and man
  • transforms a person’s and
  • entails certain expectations for the way a person then