ORIGINS: The Book of Genesis

No. 45 | COVENANT—Isaac, pt. 2

By Danny Capon, February 11, 2024

The Beginning and Meaning of Everything that Matters

Genesis 26:1-35


  • Gen. 26:1-6 God reaffirms His covenant with Abraham to Isaac
  • Gen. 26:7-11 God spares Isaac and Rebekah in spite of Isaac’s fear
  • Gen. 26:12-22 God provides for Isaac while in conflict with the Gerarites
  • Gen. 26:23-33 God blesses Isaac in the presence of Abimelech
  • Postscript Gen. 26:34-35 Esau marries two Hittite women

What’s going on in this chapter?

God reaffirms His covenant-relationship with Isaac, and Isaac experiences the blessing of God.

  1. Genesis 26:1-6 (“Gerar,” v. 1…”Gerar,” v. 6)
  1. Genesis 26:7-11 (“his wife,” v. 7…“his wife,” v. 11)
  1. Genesis 26:12-22 (“land,” v. 12…“land,” v. 22)
  1. Genesis 26:23-33 (“Beersheba,” v. 23…“Beersheba,” v. 33)
  1. Postscript Genesis 26:34-35

Think about how this chapter functioned for the children of Israel…

Think about how this chapter can function for us, today…