Learning to Change

January 15, 2023

Change Series—Learning to Change

Eternal change is without Christ

Because we are in Christ we can see clearly

Because we are in Christ there is to change

Because we are in Christ we are

Matthew 11:25-30 shows us a link between about Jesus and

The Necessity of Humility v.25-26

Change requires v.25

The example of Jesus:

  • Becoming a (Phil. 2:5-8)
  • to the Father’s plan (Heb. 5:7-10)
  • saying what the Father commanded Him (Jh. 12:47-50)
  • doing what the Father does (Jh. 5:19-23)

An Intimate Relationship with Jesus v.27

The “knows” in v.27 implies knowledge (Gen. 4:1)

This is the kind of we have as well

Our problem is that we either don’t it or we ourselves put in the relationship

An Invitation to Change v.28-30

Jesus begins with

  • The idea here is to Him

Jesus continues with

  • He has we need
  • There is for us to do
  • “Take my yoke” -the idea here is to become a

Jesus finishes with

  • This indicates a
  • Similarly to “take,” learning requires our
  • As we learn more about Jesus, we will find His yoke and His light


In order to change, you need to be

When Christ reveals sin, He is doing it because He you

When Christ reveals sin, it is because He wants your with Him to grow in

Christ is asking three things of you; , , and

Holy Spirit what are you saying to me today?

Holy Spirit what are you asking me to do?