The Blessing

Genesis 1:28

April 02, 2023

God is my

God me in His image

God me with a purpose

Therefore, I have value and worth

Our creator us (Gen. 1:28)

A Couple of Things to Remember

“The Bible is a story that leads to

The book of Genesis sets the for the rest of the scriptures

What is a Blessing?

Urban Dictionary: for feeling or having something good to you

The Hebrew word use in Gen. 1:22, 28 is the verb

Bārak: To invoke (or enact) divine , often implying a disposition or kind actions towards the recipient

Blessing: we are by the of God

“To bless is to bestow not only a but a Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

When God blessed humanity, He its state of being

Who you determines what you

What is our Function? V.28

To be and

  • The idea here is clear,
  • There are two ways for us to reproduce: Through the union of a and a or through (Gen. 4:1, Ex. 1:7, Mat. 28:18-20, Acts 6:7, Acts 12:24)

To the earth

To the earth

  • To subdue is to make

To have over creation

  • To have dominion is to authority over something
  • Our authority from our Creator

Our Current State of Being

There are two current states of being: by God or from God (Deut. 7:13, Mat. 28:18-20, Rom. 1:24-25, Eph. 2:1-10, Jh. 14:15-21)


Your creator wants to you (Jh. 1:12-13)

Your creator has attached His to His (Deut. 7:13, Jh. 14:15-21, Jh. 17:17)

Holy Spirit what are you saying to me today?

Holy Spirit what are you asking me to do?