Why Two Trees?

Gen. 2:9,16-17

May 07, 2023

God is my

God me in His image

God me with a purpose

Therefore, I have value and worth

Our Creator made us with the to

The Two Trees

The tree of

The tree of the knowledge of and

Adam is commanded to from any tree, with the of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

This command comes with a warning “for you eat from it you will die” v.17

The Tree of Life

In Gen. 2:16 the command is to , that includes the tree of

Adam and Eve were already , so what is the of the tree of life?

The Tree of Life gives life

The Tree of Life serves as a , to remind Adam and Eve that their life comes from their

The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil

At first glance, God’s prohibition leaves us with a question: Why is it to know good and evil?

The scriptures us to not call good evil and evil good (Isa. 5:20)

In Ezekiel we see that the laws were to teach the people of God the between clean and unclean; holy and common (Ezk. 44:23)

If we do to know how to distinguish good from evil, how do we the command in Gen. 2:16-17?

God’s desire: to and us (Ps. 25:5)


Remember that you have a (Deut. 6:12)

Your Creator wants you to have life, and to have it (Jh. 10:10)

Your Creator wants you to come to Him (Lk. 9:23)

Your Creator wants you to and so that you, on His teaching and Word, can good from evil (Heb. 514)

Holy Spirit what are you saying to me today?

Holy Spirit what are you asking me to do?