God is in the Details

Gen. 2:10-14

May 14, 2023

God is my

God me in His image

God me with a purpose

Therefore, I have value and worth

The Book of Genesis set the for the rest of the Scriptures

What is about Gen. 2:10-14? (2Tim. 3:16-17)

The Location of the Garden

The Garden is Eden, and in the v.8

There is one river from Eden v.10

The river into 4 at the garden v.10

The four rivers are , , , and

Pishon, located in the land of v.11

Gihon, located in the land of v.13

Tigirs, located on the east side of v.14

Euphrates, we are not given details v.14


We are introduced to points v.8 & 14

We are introduced to v.10

We are given details for the land of Havilah v.11-12

The Profitability of Gen. 2:10-14

“The Bible is a story that leads to ” The Bible Project

No means no v.5

Water also brings v.11-12

These four verses are not just for our , but they are also us an important concept

God is not only the of all things, but He is also the of all things


Have you from the river of life? (Rev. 22:1)

Is there a of living water flowing from you? (Jh. 7:37-38)

Are you heading in your relationship with God? (Ex. 27:9-19)

How are you heading west? , ,

Holy Spirit what are you saying to me today?

Holy Spirit what are you asking me to do?