The Consequences of Sin

July 23, 2023

“The secret of true obedience is the clear and close personal relationship to God. All our attempts after full obedience will be failures until we get access to his abiding fellowship. It is God's holy presence consciously abiding with us that keeps us from disobeying Him. I must consciously include the Lord in every thought, activity, and conversation until the habit is established.” Andrew Murray


Vs. 14-15 God to sin.

God’s response was in the form of a

This is the first occurrence of a divine curse and it occurs Times in the OT.

According to Old Testament thought patterns, the formally spoken word had both an independent existence and the power of its own fulfillment. The word once spoken assumed a history of its own, almost a personality of itself. The word also had the power of its own fulfillment. Holman Bible Dictionary.

The curse on serpent had three components:

  1. On your belly you shall go

The serpent exalted himself, now he would be the lowest of all creatures, trampled under the foot of both man and beast.

  1. Dust you will eat

What does tell man he will return to?

This would be a constant to satan of his sin.

  1. He shall bruise your head

This is God’s first promise of the and

of satan.

God was not done with these three curses. Notice what God says in vs. 15:

“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring.”

The word enmity is better understood as:

We do not like to think about it, but the reality is that spiritual warfare is God ordained!

Our response?

Put on the whole

Stand in the of victory

Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me?

Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do?