The First Prophecy

Genesis 3:15

August 13, 2023

Much of the Bible is devoted to prediction. Nothing God has yet done for us can compare with all that is written in the sure word of prophecy. And nothing He has done or may yet do for us can compare with what He is and will be to us. AW Tozer

The passage we are considering today is one that is most challenging for us to

This is because the word seed in the Hebrew is indefinite so it can be understood as referring to:


From the context, we cannot interpret this as referring to Jesus specifically.

In reality, from the context of the entire Bible, are being referred to.

Two Observations:

First: The “seed” as all the descendants of Adam & Eve

The seed of satan are not more demons but fallen people who reject God and reject salvation thru the Lord Jesus Christ.

The seed of the woman are those who, in spite of sin, are true followers of God.

There is conflict and antagonism between:




Second: The “seed” as an individual – Jesus Christ

It was thru the woman that satan brought sin and death into the world.

It was thru the woman that God brought salvation and victory into the world

The theological concept for this is the term

Adam, as the first man, is the father of all people. In Adam, because he sinned, we inherit his .

We sin because it is part of our nature.

Jesus Christ, as God – man is the head of all who are saved.

In Christ, because He paid the penalty for our sin, we inherit His

, ,

Romans 5:12-21

Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me?

Holy Spirit, what are you asking me to do?