Responding to the Blessing

Genesis 9:18-29

March 10, 2024

Since God is my , He calls me to


Noah and his family are by God from the flood.

Noah makes a to God.

God a covenant.

Noah’s Response

Noah starts to the ground (v.20a)

This is , we were created to (Gen. 2:15)

Noah plants a (v.20b)

This is even ! We are heading back to the (Gen. 2:8)

Noah gets and (v.21)

Not ! (Gen. 3:7)

Noah’s Sons Response

Ham sees his father’s (v.22a)

This is far more than just “seeing” (Deut. 22:30)

Not only is what Ham does , but he it like nothing has happened (v.22b)

Shem and Japheth their father’s nakedness (v.23)

They to continue to honor their father, even though what Noah did was

Noah’s Curse and Blessing

Noah curses his (v.25)

Noah Shem and Japheth, making Canaan a to them (v. 26-27)

This is a passage, but we need to remember who is doing the cursing.

In this curse, future events are being


This is a story that invites us to

When I am blessed by God how do I ?

When I see others failing to honor God, how do I ?