The Tower of Babel

Genesis 11

March 24, 2024

Since God is my , He calls me to


The Scriptures are meant to be on.

Very often the to difficult passages of the Scriptures are found in passages.

The Tower of Babel

The story begins with (v.1)

This appears to be a good thing, people are moving (v. 2a, Gen. 3:24)

They settle in Shinar, otherwise called (Is. 39)

We see humanity’s (v.3, Gen. 4:19-22)

Humanity’s ingenuity leads them to seek and (v.4, Gen. 6:5 & Gen. 8:21)

God sees what is going on and He (v.5-9)

Why would God Intervene?

Humanity keeps moving away from God (Gen. 3:24)

Humanity is by building this city (Gen. 1:28 & Acts 8:1-3)

We know what Babylon (2 Kings 20:12-19)

Humanity’s heart has changed, so God intervenes (v.5-9)

A Point of Transition

Verse 10 is a point of transition.

The story of the Scriptures will now focus on people group.

Out of all the people groups God Shem

In Gen. 9:26 we are told Shem


We are called to , even amid significant social pressures.

We are to seek according to God’s standards.